Monday, January 25, 2010

Airport Waiting

Before I do this, I should probably inform you that in order for me to write this post, I had to first sweat my way into finding an electric socket to plug my laptop, because, amazingly enough, in this forsaken country's one and only international airport, the only way to obtain some form of electricity is through begging. And so, having no other option, I begged.

"May we have your attention please. This is a security announcement.", she said as I sat down. Without the slightest interest of being secure, I looked at the person sitting next to me for approval, but I got a strawberry-cheesecake-self-indulgent man instead. What is brilliant is that a woman is now joining this very handsome young chap. And I'm sitting here by myself laughing on the inside because the joke is now on me.

And so I find myself alone. Waiting. If you think about it, all we ever really do in this life is wait. As a foetus, we waited nine whole months to come out, only to be welcomed by hairy strangers. You are now ten years old and you're waiting for your mum to pick you up from school. The dreadful teenage years are now behind you, and against all odds, you are still waiting for that knight in shining armour. You wait a little bit longer and that shining armour is now just a pile of rust.

But despite all this, we still wait. Because you and I, we both know, that the after-taste will be worth the wait, whether you're at the airport, stuck in traffic or in a place far far away.

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