Sunday, March 28, 2010

01:38 AM

Right now, the current local time is 01:38 AM. Well, technically, it's 02:38 AM. But if you're too drunk or too asleep, it doesn't really matter to you now, does it? It probably doesn't even matter if you're too sober, wishing you weren't, like me. But it does. It does matter.

Twice a year, my twelve-numbered clocks and I, we have what I dub 'a stimulating encounter'. It's nothing out of the ordinary, believe me. In fact, I bet many people out there are doing it right at this very second. It's exciting. It's thrilling. It's.. electrifying! Of course it is.

Twice a year, we are granted permission to manipulate time. Time. The second most confusing four-letter word following Love. Physicists have been trying to define it. The rest of the world have been trying to understand it. I, for one, still haven't.

Twice a year, we adjust our cuckoo clock so that it is in line with a particular world time zone. We arrange it, we change it, we mess with it. Simple put, we do as we're told.

Well today is my exception. I am synchronising mine to my time zone. My decision. My life. My time. Permission Granted.

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