Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waiting Behind The Yellow Line

When inspiration is lacking, I come here. It's only five minutes away from home but it helps me clear my mind. People usually come here for one reason and it isn't to clear their heads. Well, today I'm here and I'm uninspired and I would really like to know what's up with that. So instead I observe people. They might just do the trick.

The cleaning lady is exhausted. I'm assuming she has been crossing the yellow line all day. And yet, she is in the exact same position she was in this morning. Flying nowhere. Except maybe home to her kids.

The ground hostess, on the other hand, has it easy. Her desk is clean. The cleaning lady cleaned it for her. All she has to do now is sit down and plaster a smile on her face. But for tonight she is flying nowhere either. Except maybe home to herself.

Suddenly I realise that sometimes being happy isn't about the highest paycheck every month. Sometimes, being happy is about having someone to return to every day. And sometimes, it's about the wait behind the yellow line.

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