Monday, January 24, 2011

Alternate Reality

The hammock beneath her moaned with pleasure as she rubbed her back against his woven fabric. With a hand-rolled cigarette in one hand and an erotic romance novel in the other, she reached an unexpected climax. The kind that awakens your soul, flushes your cheeks, and lubricates your emotions without expecting anything in return. The kind that leaves you breathless without the lack of oxygen.

And as the last rays of sunshine caress her lower lip, his hand gently touching hers, lustful, just like the sand between her toes, she smiles. A smile more vibrant than the eight colours of the rainbow, more carefree than the smoothest waterfall. This was her almost perfect dream, unblemished by reality. Untarnished, unlike the sand castle along the coast.

Two hours and an alternative universe later, the hypothetical separate reality sets in. The hammock has been replaced by a black office chair, the sunshine by a modern version of the incandescent light bulb.

And the only thing that makes this last scene moderately better is knowing that somewhere out there, somewhere beyond this universe, there's a replica of you, a saner imitation of you, living your life.. only better.

Much much better, I hope.


  1. Ara jiccensurawk ghal dan l innuendo kollu fil vojt! :OOOO

  2. :P (inheggek biex taddeni demostrazjoni tal front ax kieku kienet bil malti fuq xi leaflet idur l universita..jakkuzawk ghal indecenza li toffendi il morali publika probabilment)