Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Tree Branch

when the voices in your head stop making sense,
and the only thing you have ever known becomes intense,
forcing you to question every decision you are about to make,
whether it will cure you or cause your heart to irrevocably ache,

think about the teenage boy who just lost his mother,
all alone. no hope, no love, no sister, and no brother,
think about the benign tumour that is still undeniably there,
deafened by the little girl's futile cries of "life's not fair",

think about all the words you could have said but didn't,
because you naively thought they could be overridden,
think about the happy dreams that did come true,
instead of those you persistently chose to screw,

and when you've thought enough..

take a good look in the mirror.. what do you see?
a silhouette consumed with fear, afraid of the now and here?
or do you see the person you always wanted to be?

..maybe barking up the wrong branch of the right tree?

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