Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Underground Rush

For a hopeful hopeless romantic, emotions shouldn't be much of a problem. For someone whose idea of fun includes sitting in the park watching people and squirrels walk idly by, emotions shouldn't be rare or random. Instead, one would expect them to always be there, an added bonus awarded during the valid life choice annual ceremony, while the silent skeptics, thinking they're far better off, mock the dream out of you. But, truth be told, whether it's because skepticism gets the best of you too, or whether it's because it starts to get old, emotions disappear, just like the rabbit who once lived in a hat and now doesn't.

But then, in an almost magical moment, hundred feet below the surface, the rabbit is pulled out of the hat, emotions reappear, dreams are unmocked, and hope, to every other skeptic's surprise, is renewed.


  1. Such a sweet post. I loved the analogy with the white rabbit. Magical!

  2. Me too, I like how you turned it into a magical moment within your mental journey.