Sunday, January 8, 2012


life is for the living. that's what they say.
an acronym for the hopeful. day by day.
a game of hide and seek in the shadows,
of a boy and a girl running naked in the meadows.

it's a bird, moving, now standing still,
not wanting to be caged against his will.
it's a silhouette in the background smiling back,
beautiful as the little butterfly kissing her neck.

a happy journey, scaring the shit out of you.
maybe already over. maybe long overdue.
an empty bench in the corner of a park,
afraid of the loneliness as it gets dark.

a sleepless clock, always awake,
mocking you, your every mistake.
a dream in the middle of the night,
of squirrels, rainbows, and colourful kites.

it's that chance, not taken, now probably lost.
a life who should have lived whatever the cost.


  1. Love this. Fab poem. I think you have a talent....

  2. thank you so much!