Monday, March 26, 2012


Before I got my pen and paper, I decided to take a good long look in the mirror. No, not out of vanity but merely out of curiosity. Because, you see, six months ago, the person at the other end staring back, she used to almost know it all, she would provide me with biased, concrete, direct answers, answers to questions I never even thought I had, simplified truths I didn't want to (or have to) admit to myself. Today, finding myself in need of some heart to heart assistance, I went back there. I hoped, with every cell in body lacking melanin, that given everything that happened, nothing changed. So I waited. I looked and I waited. At one point, I think I started losing her. Nothing, not even a nod or anything resembling a twitch. Okay, maybe it was a bit naive of me to think that after all this time things would stay the same. Truth is, few things do, and the way I see it, change, as drastic and overwhelming as it may be at times, is life's way of telling us we're growing up. You can fight it, you can try to ignore it, but it's there, it's inevitable, and you just have to learn to live with it. Most probably, change is life's way of telling us to stop hiding behind mirrors in search of emotionally exhausting expensive answers and just get on with it. Because if the person in the mirror would care to reply, she would probably tell me to just shut up, reminding me that my crave for change is what started all of this in the first place.

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