Friday, April 6, 2012

Sundrenched Heart

hello again, warmth penetrating my skin,
my toes, my fingers, my now awakened chin,
the gentle breeze caressing my inner ear,
under this blue blue sky, drinking beer.

hello again, rays of happiness diffusing through,
on this little island where we once grew,
adorned by the strange familiarity of coming back,
with nothing but a luggage and a backpack.

hello again, birds singing on a sunlit tree,
staying close to home yet longing to be free,
a freedom that challenges what you once thought you knew,
could be nothing, or maybe this is just your cue.

hello again, life in a different form,
the smooth silvery sea after the moderate storm,
inspiring mixed feelings of staying or going,
mocked by the well known sensation of the not knowing.

hello again, sundrenched heart on a sailing ship.
remember, the iceberg is only broken at the tip.

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