Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cheap Getaway Car

Dance with me like you would with an elephant's nose.
On a beach, just you and me, with sand in between our toes.
Fill me up like you would fill an empty sky with stars.
Underneath this well lit moon, bigger than the one on Mars.
Look at me like the sea looks at its shore.
Because tonight I just want you and nothing more.
Open up to me like a fish to its bait.
Oh dear me, how I wish I stayed.
Sing to me melodies I never thought I'd hear.
Never in a million years did I want you so near.
Tuck me in the back of your cheap getaway car.
Take me to that place, that one, the one that's far.
And then, as I fall asleep, whisper in my ear those three little words I hold dear.

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