Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fish On Mars

Life is strange. People die. Sometimes of natural causes, sometimes of sheer carelessness, and sometimes, well, sometimes, they die because they kill themselves. Because life is weird and they assume that there isn't a way out. And yes, maybe there isn't, but if we could all just sit, silently, and listen to that smidgen of hope that's buried somewhere in between our veins, then maybe, maybe we'll all realise that we don't always need a way out. Then maybe we could all stop pretending that we've got it all figured out, that somewhere in between puberty and turning twenty six we've managed to miraculously grasp the meaning of life and what we're meant to be doing for the rest of it. But the truth is, we haven't, and we're all just as lost as we were back then, back when boobs didn't need support and single chest hairs needed all the support they could find.

Trust me, we're all lost, just different shades of it. Being lost, however, isn't an excuse for finding a way out. If anything, it's an excuse for finding a way in, back in to this life, no matter how fucked and screwed it may be. Because as unfair as it is sometimes, life can also be surreally beautiful. I can give you a multitude of reasons portraying just that, but I won't. Because you have to be the one looking out for them, the little things that you often take for granted, probably because you're too busy being busy, looking aimlessly at a device that is sucking up your soul quicker than it sucks its own battery, working hard at a job that you don't even like, saving money for a life that is begging you for another way in. Like a fish on Mars, you are desperately trying to quench your thirst, yet you keep running and running and running in circles.

Stop. Just stop. Look up. Breathe. You're alive. You may not understand how or why, but you are. Whatever it is you're going through, it will get better. You. are. alive. This, today, right here, right now, is your life. This is your life. Is it everything you dreamed it would be?