Friday, August 28, 2015

Wanderlustful Birds

These hearts of ours were meant
to travel the world over together.
From continental Europe to Asia,
wanderlustful birds with no tether.

They were meant to fly across the world,
and take a fifteen kilometre hike in Kamikochi,
to burn off the rice cakes we ate in Tokyo;
gooey, pillowy soft sweets known as "mochi".

And amidst the shrines in the old city of Kyoto,
they were meant to sweat, burn, then catch fire;
two cormorants on the ferris wheel in Osaka,
getting higher and higher and higher.

Our hearts, they were meant to cycle through
orchards and vineyards on the outskirts of Wien,
swimming as the sun slowly set over the Danube,
or maybe it was heaven, or somewhere in between.

Our hearts, they were meant to go on big adventures,
the kind they'll remember for years and years to come.
So take my hand and let's fly away again together,
like two wanderlustful birds with no tether.