Saturday, October 31, 2015

In Our Heads

I thought I saw you again,
percolating through the rivers,
the wide widowed deserts,
unable to recall your name.
I thought I saw you again,
smiling unrecognisably,
dancing in slow motion,
puffing on a cigar that's never lit.
I swear, I know you, I do,
it's you who never did.
I thought I saw you again,
suspended in mid air,
fuelled by worn out words,
the kind we mutter to ourselves,
(in our heads), listen, believe me,
hug me, it's me, tell me,
do you remember? the doll,
you hid behind your back,
the one intended to shut me up
when you were gone? Because I do.
I still have it. I always will.
Just like my memory of you,
of us, just standing,
just standing still.