Saturday, April 30, 2016

Let's Pretend

let's pretend we all know what we're doing:
forget the umbrella, in England it does not rain.
the Holocaust was not even remotely real, wait..
technology doesn't murder the cells in the brain?

the war in Syria is synonymous to making love.
the world is flat, and Aristotle was wrong.
global warming is a myth, it's factually impossible.
of course there's no pollution in China Hong Kong.

racism is a virtue, and white is better than black.
everybody's a saint and there's no such thing as porn.
no one smokes weed, science isn't a business,
Mary didn't have sex, and that's how Jesus was born.

let's pretend we're not all crazy one way or another:
fat is ugly, and zero is a beautiful, perfect size.
the sun still revolves around the earth, and
growing old means growing wise.